Our mind at its core is the world of our thoughts.

A beautiful world which resides inside of us. A domain of thought, feeling; a realm of life, light and beauty. This is our subconscious mind. Invisible and unknown even to us and more so to the outside world.

Yet its forces are mighty and creative.

This world, the subconscious is the place where everything is created. To manifest outside in the material world. As an exact replica of the inside.

Once we discover this beautiful universe, we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect.

Because Infinite, creative and destructive power resides in this dimension.

Right inside us.

This infinite force can be programmed through our thought, the little creative packets of energy.

Since this inside world of our thoughts is subject to our control through our conscious mind, the corollary is that all laws of Power and possession are also within our control.

It is a fact that the world outside is a reflection of the world within. What appears outside is exactly what has been formed inside in the manner of our thinking, our beliefs and our attitudes. In this inside world may be found infinite wisdom, infinite power, infinite supply of all that is necessary waiting for unfoldment an expression.

For example,  peace, abundance and harmony outside in our bodies and in our environment is only a reflection of such beautiful harmonious conditions inside us. Such harmony and peace inside is the foundation of health, power all of achievement and success.

Harmony in the world within means the ability to control our thoughts and to determine for ourselves how any experience is to affect us. This beautiful peace and harmony inside results in optimism and affluence. It is a fact of life that affluence inside results in prosperity and abundance in the outside world.

In order to see the world of our thoughts, all we have to do is to look at our outside world and the inharmonious conditions over there. Instantly we will know that something ails our thinking. We then, only need to correct that inharmony inside and the outside world will change.

If we find wisdom in the world inside, we will at once have the understanding to know of the infinite and wonderful possibilities that the outside world gives to us. Such a wisdom and peace will provide us with the ability to manifest in the world outside.

Life is only an unfoldment. It does not happen by chance.

To elucidate, what comes our way each and every day in the outside world is exactly what we already possess in the world inside.

In order to sum up the first lecture, the might of the universe rests in our own subconscious mind. This might and this power can be used by us to mould our body, to heal ourselves and also to create wonderful and harmonious conditions for ourselves in the outside world. Indeed, the software for changing our inside environment is what we call thought.

We are what we think.

In the first exercise, we prepare the subconscious mind and the consciousness for better, deeper neural connections. Just like we prepare the land and soil before planting seeds.

Exercise one          

1. Read this lecture slowly at least twice.

2. Please know that your thought is the creative force within you.

3. Decide that you shall work on your thought to change our outside world.

4. Now, sit comfortably on a sofa or on your bed. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Very gently speak

“Praise Divine, Grace Sublime” as if singing gently.

Keep on relaxing and try to be aware of your breathing. If the focus shifts to another part of your body, gently, very gently, bring it back to your breath. As you do that, relax. While relaxing deeply, keep a slight attention to how your breathing happens. After around 10 minutes lightly think of the infinity inside you, say

Thank you and slowly open your eyes.

Do this exercise twice a day, once before sleeping and preferably once in the morning. Do that every day until the next lecture and the next exercise.

You can practice the first meditation with the video in this link