Although, the human mind is one wholesome, integrated and inestimable system. However, for the sake of understanding it is comprehended in terms of two parallel schemes of action.

The subconscious mind, with its integration into the universal consciousness and the omnipotence, conducts all its processes beneath the level of waking awareness. Its methods and actions are perfect without any error whatsoever. It is through this portion of the mind that over centuries, great inventions, discoveries and supreme forms of literature have been created. The very progress of mankind would be impossible without this resource.

Our day-to-day activities including the means of life itself are conducted unceasingly by the subconscious.

On the other hand, the processes over which we have a large degree of control are steered by our conscious mind. Some psychologists call it the objective mind. The conscious intellectual perceives and operates through its five soldiers, the five senses. It helps us to deal with and to prosper vis-à-vis the outward objects and circumstances of our life.

It may be far less powerful than the subconscious, yet it carries the faculty of discrimination and most importantly it is burdened with the responsibility of choice. This part of our mind is inducted, analytical and syllogistic.

The conscious mind is therefore the executive head and controls all that which flows into the subconscious mind.

The speed of perception of each of these processes is different. Whereas the conscious intellect uses advanced learning algorithms, databases and a whole lot of other processes to arrive at a conclusion, the subconscious mind exploits only the power of intuition. It is thus, much faster and far more accurate, for in it vests the realm of the sixth sense.

Although, for most of the waking time it is the conscious mind which controls and acts, but in times of immediate danger the subconscious mind can override and take action because survival is a basic programming of human life. This is how, some people miraculously escape accidents. Many such survivors remark that there seemed to be a different power which made them act uniquely. That different power is what we refer to as the awakened subconscious.

It is therefore imperative that the enormous power in ourselves be available to us at all times. In a subtle, but awakened presence as against a dormant force.

Since all material creation happens with the infinite processes of the subconscious mind and by itself it does not have the ability of judgement or of choice, it is the responsibility of conscious thought to provide that verdict and that selection. For example, a sense of worthlessness if accepted by the conscious mind, can penetrate very deeply into the subconscious and in that realm it is etched.

The subconscious mind can be seen as a factory which can produce every imagined product, howsoever big or small. It is a limitless factory. If worthlessness is accepted as a thought, as an emotion or as a belief system, it then enters the subconscious mind after being accepted as a choice by the consciousness. Now, the eternal machine in the subconscious starts to work instantly to create a corresponding circumstance in the outside world. Low self-esteem and all its related consequences will come one after another in the material world. Therefore, a huge responsibility rests in our conscious thought, not to accept a maladaptive thought pattern.

The good part is, however that the infinite factory of the subconscious can be told to stop the production of anything at any point of time. It can even be ordered to alter the product in one instant. Because it is a factory of infinity and perfection, it has to obey. The result is that our outside circumstance begins to change as we change our own belief systems.

On the spiritual aspect, the subconscious mind is the source of aspirations, the imagination, the lofty ideals and indeed the provider of limitless perfect thought, should we choose to accept it.

Our deep thought meditations and exercises are aimed at strengthening this bond between the two parallel processes of the conscious and the subconscious. As an example, if there is an unwholesome work relationship, its source has to be a belief which we had accepted at any point of time in our current life or in our past lives. It is definitely some incongruence in our thinking which the factory of our subconscious has produced and manifested in our life.

In order to change that circumstance, we only require to plant a happy seed in the subconscious mind which will give us a sweet fruit and at the same time destroy the weeds of inner discordance.

This can be done far more efficaciously only if we are able to go profoundly into the subconscious through deep thought meditation and plant that seed.


In the second session, we will do exactly the same deep thought meditation which was taught in the first session.

Only, as we relax deeply and mildly and have awareness of the breath, we will also speak very lightly

“I am infinity.”

Such an affirmation in that deep state of slower brainwaves will, at a very reflective level plant the seed of self-belief, which definitely is the mother of all seeds.

Please follow the link to this second deep thought session.