When there is harmony inside, there is happiness and peace.

The result is glowing, abundant health.

All sickness and disease come from an inability to see and to know that I AM.

I am an indelible and important part of the supreme infinity, the universe. When that reality is even temporarily forgotten, resentment, fear, hate, stress and many such feelings breakdown the perfect harmony inside. This reflects in our health because our subconscious mind blindly accepts the aforementioned feelings as being true.

However, all is not doomed at all.

Our word is our magic.

It is that power which instantly reprogrammes the subconscious mind.

Over years, thousands have benefited by the power of their own word.

I humbly present some of the most effective affirmations which I have given to people.

May you be healed into perfection.

The light of the universe now shines through my entire being. I give gratitude for perfect health.

I live in the law of grace which brings perfect health to me.


(It is generally said that fear, suspicion, inability to live in the present an inability to see the perfection of universe and cause imperfection in the eyes)

I am grateful for perfect eyes and eyesight. I see divinity in every person and the good in every situation.

I now see through every obstacle and I know that the universe presents a miracle to me.

I am fearless for the omnipotence now shines in me. I see very clearly the fulfilment of my heart’s desires.

My eyes are fashioned and sustained by the universe. They are perfect.