It is an indelible law of the universe that whatever is imagined by a person, has to externalise in her environment. As we imagine something repeatedly, we provide a thought of acceptance of that situation to our subconscious mind. Our imagination has now been etched onto the Divine whiteboard. It has to manifest in the material world because the equation microcosm is equal to macrocosm has to be maintained at all costs. Such is the law.

The skills of imagination are therefore of prime importance if we need to learn to manipulate the infinite energy of the super consciousness which is all around us and inside us. Waiting for us to create something beautiful and something perfect in the material world.

Through the power of our word and through the power of our imagination.

This is the reason that what we call as visualisation is actually only one aspect of imagination. I don’t have to imagine in pictures. Even if I imagine and speak the words or I just feel what I desire, the work is done.

Therefore, be aware of what you think, of what you feel and of what you imagine. For these are the weapons of creation.

As the Scriptures say, ‘Oh mind, thou art the essence of the divine infinity, and the omnipotence. Realise and understand your own essence and your own power.’

Let me present a few affirmations for health and healing. Speak these words aloud and imagine happiness and health. It shall materialise.


(this condition generally corresponds to unfulfilled desires, lack of happiness and lack of a feeling of inner strength)

The Divine spirit nourishes me. It fulfils me in body, in mind and in spirit.

I’ve now attract perfect happiness and the fulfilment of all desires. I also attract perfect food and I am well.

The omnipotence now regulates my life and my health. Every cell of my being is now abundant in food and health.


(Problem here is generally associated with stubbornness. Inability to listen to other’s voices or inner bidings)

My hearing is fashioned by the infinite spirit. I clearly hear all voices. My heart fills with empathy and love.

I give gratitude that I hear perfectly, the voice of my intuition.

The unity in me now dissolves all malformation and allows perfect hearing.

Through the Divine omnipotence I hear everything and look forward to the glad tidings of joy.


(Generally associated with criticism, finding fault with others, finding fault with oneself, being unable to express oneself)

The Divine in me clears my path and I now express myself in grand perfection.

By divine grace I now radiate love and affection. I am free.

The light of truth now fills my consciousness and all imperfect thoughts are dissolved. I express myself freely and joyfully.

Nothing binds me anymore and I have perfect self-expression.