Although, the human brain appears to be finite in its physical form, yet given its ability and reach into the cosmos, it is actually a fathomless organ.

Whenever any thought is received by the brain, through the conscious portion of the mind, it is immediately subjected to our power of reasoning. For example, imagine a teacher in school telling the student that he is not intelligent. Something which happens often.

In an instant, the conscious mind of the student has the choice to either believe it or to junk the thought. Chances are that the student believes that the teacher has immense knowledge and as such always speaks the truth. In such a situation the objective mind of the student is satisfied that the thought

I am not intelligent’ is correct.

Once it is accepted by the conscious mind, it is instantly passed on to the subjective, subconscious and mighty cousin. At this point, the belief in the statement has passed beyond the stage of argument. The subconscious mind accepts the conclusions of the objective mind as given and definite. The subconscious does not possess the mandate of argument. Grand and infinite it may be, yet these decisions are beyond its purview. Its job is to act on these decisions and to create in the outside world a material picture of the thought energy which has been given to it.

The notion must now be reflected in the body, flesh and the performance of the student in the real world. Because, the real world is in reality only a mirror image of the subconscious mind.

The ‘real’ only appears to be so. The actual existence of the formative energy is inside our minds.

The student of mind sciences may write in indelible ink on her subconscious whiteboard that this hidden portion of the mind is a part of and in the likeness of the infinite super consciousness. This omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence is the root and the cause of all creations. Galaxies upon galaxies, black holes, even the void of spaces and definitely the big bang are all but a tip of the iceberg when it comes to material manifestations of this super consciousness.

It is the power of good and the power of unconditional love.

Our own subconscious mind, being a part of this unfathomable intelligence has, as a corollary, access to all the energy, the knowledge and good of this creative intellect.

Let us now discuss another thought, the belief that inside me vests the supreme creative intelligence and I have the power to fashion it the way I deem fit. This makes me a super hero.

Once this thought that ‘I am one with the infinity and I fashion it to create my world’ is accepted by our own conscious mind and it is then transferred into the inner mind as a belief, a million incandescents light up inside us.

Because darkness is only a thought devoid of such a knowledge.

A person who even partly begins to believe that she is indeed a part and parcel of that infinity begins to glow from inside. Such a person spreads happiness and hope in the world, not only through her words and actions; rather her very presence touches and changes lives. Such a person is traditionally called a magnetic personality. This is the reason why the mere presence of prophets and saints of every community have produced incidents of spontaneous healing of people.

Such an energy, initiated out of self belief radiates its purity and pristine power to every portion of our own body as well. Our diseases, even cancers begin to heal because within the radiation of this perfect energy is health, abundance, love and oneness. This is verity.

It is therefore, logically evident that greater the radiance of this potency from our inner core, the more rapid is the transmutation of unwholesome circumstances into health and abundance.

How then shall be bring about greater light into our being?

How to generate this infinite might?

The answer resides in the three pillars.

Thought which is non resistant is perfect and abundant by its very nature. The more the percentage of non resistant thinking in the overall canvas of the subconscious mind, the greater the infinite energy radiated. This is a simple mathematical equation and true until eternity.

The second pillar is the conscious inculcation of thoughts of courage, power, healing and confidence.

The third pillar is the elimination of the greatest enemy of our light and that is fear. Fear includes anxiety and stress as well.

We shall end this lecture here. The next three lectures will be dedicated to each of the three pillars.

For now, we have already practised to meditation sessions where we have been able to relax and go into a state where slow waves emanating from our brains.

For the purpose of knowledge, it is to be known that during meditation slow waves correspond to a heightened level of inner awareness and a far greater level of omnipotence radiation from inside. One may or may not feel it at all times, but the process has already started in the background for those of you who have practised regularly the first two medications.

In the first meditation, we learnt how to patch the deeper states of our subconscious mind while we are awake. Without attempting to go into any form of non-ordinary state of consciousness (NOSC) like hypnotism.

In the second meditation, while in this deep state, the implanted the seed of oneness with our own infinite consciousness. This was meant to remove the mud of lack of faith and implant the budding light of self faith.


In this third session, we will do exactly the same deep thought meditation which was taught in the second lesson.

This is ensure that we are able to reach the state of deep relaxation effectively.

Thereafter, the seed of oneness with infinity is sprouted.