A million dollar issue.

“I shouldn’t have eaten that”.

“I regret what I ate last night.”

Issues which probably hit every mind.

Because foods are living forces. Not only do we get addicted to foods, but food forces also get addicted to us. This is a subtle but true fact.

If we read Bapak, he explains details of the life forces, animal, plant, food and mineral forces. Real powers which impinge upon us and sometimes take hold of us.

This addiction to unwholesome forces and their hold on us can be overcome. Amongst other things which we will do, before we place anything inside our mouths, please ask yourself two questions

  1. Is this food good enough for me?
  2. Do I know enough about where this food came from?(Can I trust that this food will delight me both in the moment I’m eating it and by making me feel good about my choices when I wake up tomorrow and the next day?)

(questions from Maya Adam MD, Director of Health Education Outreach, Stanford Medicine)

This is how we begin the process of shifting a mindset in erasing the power of food forces upon us.

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