I was in Leh, the capital of Ladakh. Visiting a monastery, the 500 year old Hemis.

A night before, I dreamt of a beautiful golden statue of the Buddha on a mountain top. Saw myself sitting and meditating. A glow emanating from the statue. A Divine dream, I knew.

The next day. There it was. The very statue I had seen. Atop the mountain, opposite to the Hemis.

As I ascended, I felt a strange pull. As if the glory of Buddha himself resided there. On my left, out of nowhere was a monk. A young man. In a clean maroon dress.

His eyes were kind. A gaze, deep enough to be felt, understood. In that moment I looked at him, he addressed me

“Buddha said that spirituality is not just about attaining. It is about how we relate to people. The greater the light of Buddha in our heart, the deeper our relationship to people. “

His eyes were intense, calm. For a moment I looked at the statue and then back. The monk just wasn’t there.

But the profoundness of what he said remains with me. Even today.

How we relate to people. What we feel. That is Buddha inside.