As far as the senses can see, perceive and far beyond; there is a wonderful lattice in the universe. Unseen is it. The artificer or the creator has cleverly made it, so that it stretches out infinitely in all directions, in all realms. In every “eye” of this net there is a jewel, a soul as we may say. Because the “eyes” are infinite, so are the souls. For those in dimensions of infinite perception, this lattice is visible or perceptible. It is magnificent.

On the surface of each soul in the lattice there are reflected, all the other souls in the universe, all dimensions encompassed.

In symbolism and parable ancient texts describe interconnectedness in the entire universe, the creation. This is the metaphorical description of oneness of the universe, of each one of us being not only the centre of the infinite cosmos, but also each to contain the essence, the reflection of every other portion of this infinity.

The infinite consciousness itself being the sum total of all the parts and much more.

If I have an incongruous thought, it reflects in every other soul of the universe. Attracting to me from infinite existence, the energies corresponding to my thought.

If my thoughts are of wholeness, health, wealth, joy for me and for everyone, then that is what will reflect in the universe.

When we curse another, we have already scourged ourselves. When we bless another, we have already sanctified us.

This is the basis of what we now call the Law of Attraction.