The knowledge and awareness of who I am is not always in the consciousness. The mind constantly looks outside into the world, learning to negotiate the not so simple pathways of living. Discovering survival in the world of the material.

In the process, the giant force of the mind gets to believe the outer as the singular reality. Somehow, manipulating only the five senses to negotiate life.

The truth, however is that the there is indeed a singularity. Not the external. Not the one where there is constant death of all which we see, touch, perceive. But the singularity of what is ordinarily beyond five sense perception. Of the eternal, undying, creative omnipotence. Of what is beyond all else. Of that which lies resplendent, somnolent in us.

That is the perfect thought. In our infinite world of contemplation.

To die to live is to ‘die unto oneself’.

To awaken the somnolence, the unity, the eternal inside. As that happens, a new world, a new awareness arises. To show us the jewel that we truly are.

Perfect and dazzling. With empathy, love, strength.

That deep surrender is the death. That which awakens us to ourselves is living. A life less commonplace. Earned not by the fight in the material existence. But by gently allowing the eternal thought to awaken. To let our thought weeds be eliminated.

That is also how we meditate, in perfection.

If you remember how effortlessly you lead yourself daily to slumber at bedtime.

That is perfect meditation.

Let go and let the infinity arise. To obliterate our unawareness and allow spontaneous, effortless ‘letting go’; as the omnipresent creative energy inside us guides us into the realms of Superconsciousness.