Our quest for greater knowing, beyond the confines of our Mother Earth; even transcending the horizons of the five senses goes on and on. For that is who we are. Discoverers. Inventors.

Yet, in our unbounden pursuit, we do lose sight of the fact that in nature all is governed. By unbending laws.

 Some of us learn, through the fire of our will, to open our own ethereal gates to energies we can ill recognise, leave alone, control. We become channels to spirits and souls. Such persons are referred to as mediums.

Is mediumship good or bad?

Well, life is not really about such boxes. But channelling is possessed of dangers. There is no way to know about the authenticity of the entity. What is it? To which realm does it belong? Its intentions?

That is where many falter and unbeknownst to them, fall into the trap of damning spirit possessions.

For the law of nature is that every human has ten doors. Nine physical openings in the body and the tenth, an energy opening located on the top of the head. This invisible ‘door’ is our key to communicating with energies, entities and other worlds at frequencies  which we cannot yet measure. The law is that this gate is to remain locked, generally. To be opened spontaneously by the subconscious mind, only when needed. As in dreams or in deep meditative surrender. Not by will or through forceful practices.

A safer method is to learn to understand one’s own intuitive sixth sense. To learn the language of dream interpretation. To build intuition not by blind force but by allowing the natural, gentle processes to happen. A far benign journey. To be able to discern intuitively.


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