I haven’t come across anyone who had a free spirit with perfect self-expression and no desire. Lack and inertness, I find to be antithetical to all progress.

This concept of ‘desirelessness’ needs exposition in all its import.

Desire is the basic impulse in every human being. Without it a person would be torpid, dead.

A desire to eat, to breathe, to live. There is nothing wrong in it. Society would not be where it is today if none had a longing to climb higher. To explore, to create. The yearning to love and be loved. This is the basis of all creation. It isn’t at all evil.

The reason every human has been afforded a titan of a superconscious inside is to be enabled to express that desire in the manifest arena.

We go wrong the moment we possess darkness inside. Darkness due to lack of knowledge of the infinity inside, of the inability to see the unity and omnipotence of nature.

True desirelessness is not a state where we become inert, comatose. It is not acceptable to say that only that mind realises itself, which seeks rags and lack. It is a false belief, perpetuated through ages.

Rather, desirelessness is a condition of oneness, of unity with the eternal. Fearless faith it is.

In fact, some of the greatest known prophets in the world have even built cities, laying foundations of a better society. Teeming with a passion to create.

Therefore, tell our children:-

Go out there and create perfection. Not by stepping upon other people. But with faith in your own ability. Go and fashion excellence. In your lives and in that of others.

Darkness is the root of what we call evil, not desire.


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