You don’t design a rocket without knowing the laws of motion.

In the same way, it is only logical and correct that before we venture into the creation of wealth, of health or anything else in our lives we must understand the basic form of the universal consciousness. The fundamental laws of the mind and of the outside world must be known and internalised by us.

There is a complete universe inside of us, in our minds. This cosmos is mighty and powerful. It contains within itself perfection, happiness and beauty beyond measure. Infinite abundance is its nature. This world inside and the world outside with all its components, the visible matter, the dark matter are made up of one single energy or force. There is in a way a singularity to everything.

This Universal energy is all permeating. Nothing, not even void can exist without it. Emptiness too is but a form of this universal energy as is all matter and all of creation, including us. This is also a consciousness, a perfect and infinite one. Each one of us is a part and parcel of this consciousness. In a loose way some experts even say that each one of us is that consciousness.  

In order to understand the creative aspect of this awareness, just visualise it as being an all pervading ether. This ether is absolutely malleable and perfectly plastic. It can be moulded into any matter or vice versa. All form is created from the manipulation of this ether substance.

Finally, the way to create anything out of this divine energy or ether is by the power of thought, emotion, and feelings. Every human being is endowed with this power regardless of whether she knows about it consciously or not.

Therefore, the most powerful weapon in our armoury is our thought and included in thought, our emotions. It is the seat of all creation. Our mind is the master of this inside world. Herein lies the solution to every problem, the cause for every effect.

What I feel inside is what appears in the outside world.

It is in one flash that we begin to understand this truth.

Duality is an idea which can end in a moment.

Then I know that I AM.