Does Loving Yourself Lead to Weight Loss? — Fuel for my soul

Original Link : The outside counts for something, but it’s not the end-all, be-all, and often times we can’t change those conditions we find ourselves in. What makes us better is deciding to love ourselves no matter what. We need that. And when we do that, sometimes we open the door to miracles. I’ll […]

Does Loving Yourself Lead to Weight Loss? — Fuel for my soul

4 thoughts on “Does Loving Yourself Lead to Weight Loss? — Fuel for my soul

  1. It may seem like some kind of strange contradiction, but when I was at my absolute heaviest, accepting myself and working on seeing myself as attractive even at that weight, was actually the one thing that finally slowed me to lose over 100 lbs. in a little over 1 year. While my weight has admittedly bounced up and down since then, it’s stayed well under 200 lbs. for years now. That said, I do admit I’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but that eating disorder was present when I was fat too.


    • Thanks a lot for this perspective. I think the issue maybe about self criticism and dislike for oneself that some may feel. Loving oneself doesn’t allow the entry of low self esteem. Then one can focus on getting better, as you have done so well.
      Thanks again

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      • When you hate yourself it’s hard to do something like getting home eating under control. There’s a saying I heard they use in AA about just focusing on the issue (in their case, alcohol) without addressing the underlying psychological causes of addictions: “If you sober up an a**hole, you get a sober a**hole!” Addressing the underlying traumas that cause compulsive behaviors in all of us, & radically accepting even our “flaws”and is key to recovering from issues that plague our psyches.


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