Mythology places special importance to the number 21 and of course to the number 40.

It is said that ‘Agni’ or fire has this unique capability to only rise up, even though it may be toppled upside down. In the same way, the quest inside us, for self-realisation invariably makes us rise. It is like the fire, ever in ascendancy.

Twenty one day meditations, fasting or even affirmations have a special place as being very effective. Recently, some research also seems to indicate that twenty one days is what it takes to change a maladaptive habit.

In the School of Mind Sciences we have seen that twenty one days of Gratitude is very powerful. It invariably brings about profound changes in our lives.

For the next 21 days, we will place on this blog a simple affirmation of gratitude; a new one everyday.

  • Please sit in a comfortable place, relax and slowly read the affirmation aloud, preferably.
  • Then recite “Praise the Infinity” for five times.
  • Then just relax completely for five minutes. Being aware, very mildly of your breathing. For 10 minutes.

Done for twenty one days, it will bring immense benefits.

We will start with the first gratitude affirmation in the next post.