• Please sit in a comfortable place, relax.
  • Then recite “Praise Divine” for five times.
  • Keep on relaxing completely for 5 minutes. Being aware, very mildly of your breathing.
  • After 5 minutes of deep relaxation, read the following affirmation. Aloud.Preferably


I Thank the Divine for Every day. For today.

For health, for all the goodness.

Grateful for the ability to live a wonderful normal life.

Yes, I am thankful for the loved ones in my life.

For a happy life, a fulfilling life.

Grateful for success and abundance. I know I do aspire for greater wealth and peace, but what I have is definitely worth being in deep gratefulness.

I am grateful for every moment when you awaken in me. For making me a better person.

I am on a journey to be what I aspire to be. Thank you that you are with me. That you have brought me so far.

Grateful that I am able to express myself more and more every day.

Thank you again for another day.