• Please sit in a comfortable place, relax.
  • Then recite “Praise Divine” for five times.
  • Keep on relaxing completely for 5 minutes. Being aware, very mildly of your breathing.
  • After 5 minutes of deep relaxation, read the following affirmation. Aloud. Preferably.

In Gratitude I exist. The Universe provides supply, which is endless, immediate and comes to me under grace.

I am grateful for all the friends who have touched my soul in my journey. Grateful for all those who brought thorns in my path. For they too removed blinders from my eyes.

Thank you for kindling the light of success in me and for illuminating my path when needed.

I dwell in the law of grace and in gratefulness which emanates from the deepest, purest part of me.

Thank you that I AM


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