I am whole and grateful
  • Please sit in a comfortable place, relax.
  • Then recite “Praise Divine” for five times.
  • Keep on relaxing completely for 5 minutes. Being aware, very mildly of your breathing.
  • After 5 minutes of deep relaxation, read the following affirmation. Aloud. Preferably.


At the first illumination of sunrise,

I’m awake, to know, of the gift of another day

For which I am grateful.

I breathe the scent of unsullied air,

I feel its splendour in my being

I am grateful, that I breathe, I feel.

I know, there are many who are not whole, in form,

Yet here I am, so lucky.

I see, I hear, I feel, I know

I am grateful.

In the freeze of winter, my home is heated

My cup is warm, the food is abundant

And there is yet the warmest love from the ones who care,

What do I feel?

Thankfulness and more of it.

I am grateful for being here

In your care.


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