How do you overcome fear?

Face to face

As you enter that dark alley of your mind,

You stare at your inner dread

At that moment, it is the awakening of this inner light in the shadow

This is what it is

Am I grateful that my omnipotent companion has placed me in that alley?

I am. For I see already, the glimpse of my own light

I knew not, that in this darkness lay a magnificence, a divine legacy of those enlightened

Placed there for me to partake

My hands still shudder, for there is only still a flicker of twilight

Yet, with my moving faith, I do say

Thank you.

Many voices inside me

One says, “So where is your light? Don’t trust such things.”

Yet I know that trust I must.

Because in my logical thinking self I do not see another

Only that which has nurtured me.

I am grateful for this as I am grateful for all that

In the depths of my inside world, I know

That You Are as I AM.

Thank you that in my deepest moments, I do know you

I do feel you

Thank you.


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