In the race known as life

I too darted

Halfway through that marathon, a thorn pierced my foot

Whine I did

Why? I asked

Until, on the kerb I sighted

A gentle soul, lying on needles, motionless

Her eyes gazing upon herself and longingly on me

What she wouldn’t sacrifice to be me

As saline clouded my eyes, I took back my grumble

I am grateful

I can still walk, see, smell, feel and possess a sound thinking mind,

The very root of all creation

Thank you

With my own thoughts did I attract the thorn,

With them shall it perish

Gratitude that the creator I am and I know

I am whole, healthy, abundant, loved

In the wholeness of all which showers on me,

The poor thorn fades, oblivion

Grateful that the road of mine is grand and lit

A warm gratitude


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