Noises, midnight

Loud screeches of car

Are these gangs? Drug dealers?

A whiff of fear arises in the chest

Yet I carry on with my sleep, unmoved

Knowing that there are also those out in the night

Who protect us.

I am grateful for these friends.

A storm approaches

I am tranquil, because my home is kept warm

By the unknown angels out there

Then there is abundance of water, of clean streets and all of what we have begun to take for granted

Because of those wonderful buddies whom I’ve never met

Whose names I know not

But I am in deep gratefulness for them.

Those who save lives, return us to health, who quietly discover

The mysterious ways of the micro realms

To beat those that invade our bodies

For all those people I am grateful

As I quieten my racing thoughts

I see how we’re all one

How I wouldn’t live, grow;

But for every hidden friend who makes my life what it is

Helping me even in the deserts of life

Today I give gratitude for every such soul

In thankfulness today and always.