In the snow of life

The frost of winter

I do not shiver; for my eternal companion is there

The omniscient pal who tells me

“I am a true buddy. I do not judge. All I want from you is to know that I live in you, in all that you see, feel.

The meadow is me as is the snow. So is the rain and the whiff of roses.

Do not look for me in dark temples for I am light. Eternal omnipresent.

You are not a sinner. You are my child, my best friend.
I do not love, I am that love.

All I want from you is that you live to the brim, know that there is abundance for you

That love, divinity, wealth, health and all are your right
Love everyone, everything and live fearlessly

I am with you forever, your guide, your abundance, your healing”

I am grateful for all that you are,

My friend.

Gratitude from my heart, forever.