The Law of Cause and Effect or the Karmic Law is derived from the one single truth of all creation, of every realm and dimension. That all is one. There is only one single unity.

We are all interconnected.

Therefore what thought I send out to anyone, it instantly permeates the multiverses. It is also reflected back to me.

If I hurt someone with malintent, I shall have to face what I have sent until I learn the truth of oneness.

Similarly, if I send love then that is what I shall receive from the universe.

However, either way, this law imprisons us. By being selfish, evil we are bound in disease, poverty. A chain of iron.

By doing good, being kind, we get kingdoms, health, happiness, beauty. Still, a chain of gold.

The soul is still not free to soar. Confined to the rewards and punishments of the material.

In the next post, I will write about freedom and how to get there.

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