I wrote about the Law of Cause and Effect in an earlier post. I also wrote that good deeds and thoughts alone won’t take us to that place of freedom. How can a chain of gold do that?

Freedom is the ability to soar, unfettered.

That happens only when a deep realization happens; a knowing of the unity and oneness of all of creation. Of knowing that I AM.

Not just a part of the connected eternal, but also that I am that.

In an instant, there awakens a deep realisation and we come under grace. Unbound by Karma or deeds. Freed of entire debt and load.

How to get there?

Firstly, try a meditation system which teaches deep surrender. Not surrender to an external power or person, rather to the infinity inside. Inner oneness. Try Vibrant Celestial Meditation or Subud Latihan.

Further, let go of all results in life. Do your effort and happily embrace the result. Letting go in life.

Lastly affirm everyday

” I give gratitude to be in grace now.”

This is the master key to self realization.

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