Over years I’ve delivered hundreds of talks and seminars globally. Almost everyone who ever attended said that she knew what meditation was!

The slower the brain waves, greater the creative, healing state.

People aren’t really wrong. Because the term has been used to encompass almost everything concerning thought. From breathing, focusing on candles, looking at objects or delving into non ordinary states of consciousness.

I have learnt over 50 meditation systems and I find that whatever the objective of a particular system, the first fact to know is that unless you are able to enter a state of slow brain waves, there is little use.

In brevity, let me explain that when we measure brain waves using EEG or FMRI the frequency of brain currents corresponds to particular emotional and creative states.

In the chart above, the Beta waves are above 14 hz. These are primarily waking states. Higher frequencies generally show anxiety, fear, anger.

As we relax, we enter Alpha, below 14 hz. Creativity, faster healing and deep relaxation occur here. Even sleep.

The slower the waves, the greater the creativity, healing and extrasensory perception.

The chart below shows some objectives and the possible systems of meditation which may help to achieve that goal.

A parting word of caution. Please do not allow anyone to take you into trance states or even hypnotic states. Hypnotism has to allowed by qualified doctors only.

Please do not give control of oneself to others.


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