Aura Life Force

Sometimes healers place their hands close to your body, inside the auric field. The hands provide the ‘life force’ which is suppossed to heal. Many other methods also permeate your proximus, the energy barrier to heal.

The maxim

What is unseen may exist

is never to be forgotten.

When the person penetrates your aura, she may, apart from the life force also leave inside you other energies which may not be wholesome. The energies of her own unwholesome thoughts, remnants of earlier healings and so on. When she heals you, some of your ‘energy dirt’ goes into her. If she can’t cleanse that, then such stuff can go into the next subjects.

The effects can be catastrophic, I have seen many such cases.

Therefore, if the healer is very well trusted and known to you, only then such a practice is to be allowed.

Your aura is you space, your protection. Only the few worthy ones may enter.

In the next post I will provide some simple self healing methods which are safe.

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