The world did fracture me thus

Leaving me broken, open

I lived the tear again and again

With every thought, each memory

All days

Until that moment, my very own light caressed

What was left of me

And I met forgiveness

Who said, “I want you not to forget,

Because forgetting is not me,

I want that you never allow them a chance

at an encore of hurt

For I forgiveness, am not meekness,

I am, to move on

Not to feel hurt when scars are seen

But to gain from them wisdom

To learn to love yourself.”

I asked, “How then do you move away

From those who nature led me close?”

“A choice it is to be close


I forgiveness, permit moving away

As we slight our hand away from fire

Because a sin it is to submit to hurt, over and over

Let it be known love, that loved ones are only those who love”

I move on, to heal, to love myself and

My loved ones

For I have learnt how to forgive.

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