The world as we know is biased in favour of action. Even most of the meditation systems are oriented towards focus, breathing or some sort of doing.

Remarkably, our relationship with the universe is also more about our saying, reciting or asking.

“I recited for one hour today.”

“I focussed on my forehead today.”

“I asked the Universe for …… today”

The infinity which creates and sustains us is definitely not deaf or dumb. For every question that we ask, for every quest that we possess, the omniscience presents answers.

Yet, we do not pause to listen, to feel, to perceive.

In the stillness of the mind, in our dreams and in our periods of relaxation, the inward mind provides us with solutions and cues.

For those who listen, they receive remedies to the most complex issues of their lives.

Edgar Cayce, the ‘sleeping prophet’ received every answer for himself and for others when he went into deep relaxation. When he only received.

It is definitely in our stillness, in the deepest moments of our letting go that the clouds of our doing fade away and the inner light shines.

Therefore, listen with your ears, with your heart and with all your perceptual senses. The more you listen, the greater you shall know, the higher you shall be. In life and in spirit.

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