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“So you think that I do not give you ‘real life’ counsel. I only ask you to meditate? ,” said the infinity to me.

A mild nod. From me.

“Actually, I do. All the time. Only you can’t listen. “

“Through deep meditation, I take you repeatedly to non ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC). It is here that my unfettered song is perceived.”

“Why repeat?” I asked.

“To establish a secure neural channel. Practice makes perfect.” She smiled lovingly.

I then remembered Roger, my acquaintance and a meditator for 10 years. He worked in a factory. In an accident, a huge blade fell from the roof. He said, he just felt like running a few seconds before. His legs moved and he ran. Saved miraculously.

There are many more ‘inexplicable’ instances which I have recorded over years.


She just read my thoughts.

“Now here is some ‘real life stuff’ you wanted”

“When leading a meeting, relax and listen more. Be calm.”

“At home try listening more, mindfully. Relax. Hear. See. Perceive.”

Over days I followed. Spoke less, heard more.

A better leader, parent, spouse, I became. Miraculously.

I remember her profoundness

“I, the Universe do speak to all. Silently.”

Hear me.

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