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I don’t believe in ghosts or paranormal activity, but one time I think I saw- I might have seen- no, I think I did see a ghost.

Jason Blum

Unless there is a physical pathology, nine times out of ten, Sleep Paralysis is a result of an attack by an unredeemed spirit or what we call a ghost. If left unimpeded, these can lead to spirit possession or even suicide.

Denial doesn’t change a thing. It is important to cure the condition.

Rene went home to Sydney to her grandparents. Every night, in her sleep she would feel a scary weight on her. She couldn’t move. She would be screaming for help inside her head but the voice won’t be audible. One day, her granny was sleeping right next to her, but Rene couldn’t even move her hand to wake her up.

The attacks would last for a few minutes each time. But she would be scared and could not sleep after that.

That is when she called me. I took her history and other relevant details. Gave her a cure and within a day the attacks disappeared. In seven days all was well.

I also taught her so it would never occur again, anywhere.

For those who suffer, I’ll detail a simple cure in the next post.