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The pristine Law of Oneness says that there is only one. That we are all connected indelibly.

Can I, then hurt my hand without damaging myself?

A corollary to the above law is that when we criticize others, we partake a portion of their Karma upon ourselves.

During one of my seminars I met Duke. Young, but suffering from joint pains. He was very rancorous of his in laws and constantly spoke ill of them. I asked him if he could stop.

He did and healed within a month.

I had resentment in me. I constantly criticized some friends for trying to break my family. My body literally ‘broke up’. Hernia.

It healed when I forgave, moved on.

It is true that we may need to inform others about abuse. We need to do that. We should report persecution.

But, can we make a choice not to criticize?

To avoid even being a silent party to ‘bitching’.

It is an intelligent choice .

May all who read heal and prosper.

15 thoughts on “DON’T SPEAK: HEAL

  1. I can understand how important is healing others! I also serve people selflessly with the applications of “Swami Hardas Life System” and when the person recovers, it is a most pleasing moment. Selfless service rendered to needy is a service rendered to God. Thanks for the beautiful article.

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  2. This is a great mindset to have! And I agree, it’s fine to point out legitimately negative and harmful things. But, we should try to avoid tearing other people down, and instead, raise each other up. Wonderful post! 😄

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