In the winter of the world

Icy gales crash on them

I look at me

I am warm and complete; as a blossom

A tear of gratitude rolls in that corner of my eye

Beyond the slim barricade of glass I see a Universe of pale, harsh, unforgiving lash

O! How they must envy the glow of my world

I don’t know why you chose me for this caress

But I am grateful that you did

The two dimensions

So tangled and yet so apart

I now banish every thought of imperfection in my world

When I complained, when I grumbled

As the curtain opens and I see their realm

My heart shudders, for them it weeps

I fold my hands

Thank you that I am here

That I am me

10 thoughts on “THANK YOU THAT I AM ME

  1. Lovely poem. Beautiful photo. I completely agree. My grandmother always used to say, ‘Count your blessings’ and it’s a practice I have adopted. Right now I am enjoying being cosy inside while outside a bitter wind is raging. Later on, we will all go for a walk so that we can enjoy being at home even more.

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