Divining or Divination perhaps materialised as a conjunct to human consciousness. A need to know something which the medley of the five cognitions could not answer.

That, then is the first Law of Divination. Only to be used when the conscious thought cannot know.

When that isn’t able, then know that the human mind in its depth possesses a secret weapon. The universal Omniscience.

Ask and it shall be revealed.

The moment we ask about something, it is revealed. However, the conscious thought and more importantly, conscious desire creates a wonderous smokescreen. A creative, web of sound, picture, smell, feeling. The subconscious message gets lost in that pastiche of the thought world.

The trick, then is to bypass this jumble and to receive.

One way is to ask for a dream. Here the emergence of subconscious message isn’t coloured. The only fine print. Many people cannot remember dreams. Dreams are mostly symbolic. They need a certain knowledge for interpretation.

The next way is to look for signs. We don’t require the wisdom of the ancient civilizations for this. Not really biblical or shamanic signs.

We can create our own.

I wanted to know something about a new book that I am authoring, about Magic. It was important for me to know whether I should continue further research into older mages or not. Because, the book is on a schedule. Time won’t permit a rewind.

I asked the universe to show me a moon which I’ve never seen, during the day. Within the next 5 days. Then I did not think about it. The last part is important.

On the fourth day I saw a picture of a new moon the Earth had captured, in a news feed. Something I couldn’t imagine.

It is however important to let go of what has been asked.

The method then

Sit comfortably. Take a few deep breaths.

Then speak aloud to the Omnipotent, Omniscient Universe.

“My Superconscious Universe please show me ______________ within the next ____ if ________ is true/best for me. Thank you.”

Now take a few more deep breaths. Once again give gratitude and get up.

Remember, the Universe needs to catch you when you don’t expect. To eliminate conscious thought noise.

Please do not use this for fun or for asking trivilalities. You’ll get wrong answers. Use only when conscious abilities fail and for something important.

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