Prayer is generally understood as an Invocation of a higher power, as a request to a force beyond us.

The human mind has two centres of authority. The conscious centre helps to negotiate the logical world. The daily happenings. Essential that it is for our existence, it also gives us the illusion of duality. As if I am different than multifarious forces. More importantly, an assumption that there is a higher power somewhere else.

The Superconscious centre lies resplendent inside our deep recesses. It is that infinity, which the conscious centre believes to be different than ‘me’.

But it is verity that the infinity

is truly me.

The ‘prayer of the beads’ happens in the limited conscious centre. As long as we are totally focussed on it, it is there. The moment the mind wavers, it isn’t.

In order to be more and more in ‘prayer’ mode we even leave the daily world to go somewhere and practice meditations. Hoping for that all elusive salvation.

Neglect of the world in the expectation of hypothetical happiness in the one beyond leads to poverty for the person and her family in the present.


Even then the dream of unfettered prayer remains. Unfulfilled.

Only in a state of deepest relaxation, a surrender to the infinity within, the superconscious centre awakens. Merging with our conscious. The all pervading intuitiveness then becomes a part and parcel of life every moment.

This connectedness is a state of everlasting prayer. Felt as a vibration, a feeling.

Something which guides to success in life and beyond. Piercing the veil of duality.

Because it just is.


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