The Universe is pure love. It is beyond anger and resentment.

For our collective deeds, we are not being ‘punished’ by any unseen person. It is an opportunity to understand that destroying the body fabric of our Mother Earth has consequences.

She’s not angry.

She just can’t protect us as much.

If we nurture her back to health, our wonderful brightness shall return.

The omnipresent consciousness now gives us time to learn inner stillness. To be.

To search for ourselves. In deep oneness. To know.

I realise that I must use this period to delve deep into myself. Into the world of my thought.

If I change that, lives will change.

I can help my dear friends, not by being out there, but through collaborative isolation.

In a world of fear

In a realm without colour

I can be alone

Be still

In that oneness

The hues of life shall shine in me

And spread.

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