My journey inside my mind continues.

Inside my mind I meet a gigantic Tiger, Alfred. Though huge and strong, he is deeply fearful and his room is almost dark. In his eyes I see my past lives and current life.

How traumas of centuries ago have created a deep fear in me.

How it manifests as a chronic back pain for me.

The trauma is gone after a catharsis.

So is my chronic pain.

Here is link to the video.


(Based on true life events)

Photo credit Ian Lindsay from Pixabay


  1. A lady is moving through tunnels while doing meditation. Yesterday in VCm meditstion she writes
    The tunnels continue earlier they were dark, now they are a vibrant orange. Actually they start with deep blue and then turn in to orange wery slowly.
    Another a newcomer young girl is seeing high coluds and her fixed seat there with God. Today she writes

    It was really wonderful experience i ever felt before the seat on the mountain fixed and i do meditation everyday overthere No chirping all around tranquil and my lord and I talking to each other overthere
    No chirping all around tranquil and my lord and I talking to each other

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      • Sat shri akal sir je
        Participants are progressing
        Today reaction
        Dear Satinder,
        Today the meditation was short for.me. the tunnels are not continuing.
        But circles like disks come very near to me between the eyebrows. And in its centre is a small something that I do not know.

        dear divine friend, thanks after the traumatic experience for few days I felt clustrophobic during meditation. But from yesterday I am fine, it feels like open healed wound that needs dressing for protection only. Allow me to practice moolmantra meditation with the group. Because morning and evening I am doing wealth meditation

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  2. Sir je
    Sat shri akal today some participants had following experience
    First: [22/04, 4:56 PM] Mansi: I have to tell you a very strange thing that happened . I started with surrender meditation but ended with potent cleansing meditation. How this happened I dont know but in between the meditation mainoo bhut kale badal memory wich flash hoye and strange frightening images….then I became very scared….and then they subsided…..plz help
    Second:[22/04, 5:27 PM] Dear Satinder, Today the meditation brought out questions like. Who am I? Why am I here? Why have I put on this skin? What is underneath me. What is seen on the earth is different from what is inside? But how to see what is under the cover of our body?
    Then I saw a five pointed 🌟 coming towards me and a Garud ( falcon) flying past me.
    I was not afraid as the words ” jo hunda hon deo” came to my ears.💐

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