O’ You grey skies, What lies yonder

Is it a bit of Blue or is it Lightning and Thunder…

Is there a Silver Lining to You

Oh please do give me a Clue…

When will the Sun shine ever so Bright

 For I long to feel the warmth of its  Golden light…

‘Cause Steadfast I stand 

I hear the distant rumble,

 I know that a Storm Cometh

The Flora are in a freeze 

While, for a cover, the Fauna runneth…

I see your dark and gloomy hue

As the world wonders, what is it that did we do…

To deserve the eerie shadow that you have cast

The lesson has surely been learnt but must this Last…

‘Cause Steadfast I stand

I know that  you loom large tonight 

In the darkness, I too am caught…

But I fear Ye not,

 And dont want to be distraught…

‘Cause Steadfast I Stand

For I know that the Sun shall Rise again

For I know that a new day shall Dawn again

For I know that life will be filled with Joy again

For I know that together we shall be Strong again 

‘Cause Steadfast I Stand…!!!

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