Let me provide you a glimpse of some knowledge which really had me thinking. Actually, in ancient theology, Earth was always seen as a living spirit. Greeks called the Earth spirit as Gaea.

Then, science and theology divorced. It is now that this ‘combo’ has resurfaced and people are studying the two subjects together, examining the symbols and the linkages.

What I write below is based on my reading of the book ‘Sushila Buddhi Dharma’ by Bapak. He initiated thousands of people into true devotional meditation of letting go and of deep surrender. It is called Latihan and even after his demise, it remains a powerful gift to people.

Bapak explains that the material kingdom may appear lifeless to us. However it is alive and constituents of material objects do have a sort of consciousness. Here are some quotes

“The forms that exist in this world appear to men as made of inert materials, since their role in the scheme of life is to provide instruments for human activity….”

“For this reason material objects yearn for a connection with human thought that would raise the status and bring them closer to the higher level of mankind.”

“Gaining this understanding, man can regulate these material factors in an orderly manner. It is a fact that material objects do indeed yearn to participate in the activities of man because they fulfill their destiny; which is to be the servants of mankind.

When the contrary occurs and man becomes the slave of matter then far from raising these objects to a higher level, he himself sinks into the material world.”

(This happens when Man revels only in material possessions and rates them higher than even the lives of his loved ones or other humans.)

“But for the man, if he were to re-collect the true excellence of human nature in the cosmic order, such a condition is worse than a calamity. His condition is the consequence of grave errors, in as much as he has not fulfilled his destiny as a creature who could have contributed to the cosmic order. Since there are such hazards as these, my child, it is to be hoped that you will never neglect your worship of God. There is always time for your exercises and you should never yield to your mind when it suggests that there is no opportunity to perform them.”

(by ‘exercises’ he implies meditations in deep surrender, in stillness)

“It is precisely such conditions that you must overcome in order that your thoughts should cease to be an obstacle.

Furthermore, when you’re thinking finally ceases to be an obstacle– that is, when your mind no longer stands in the way of your exercises– you will be more exact and perfect in all your actions and your mind will in truth become your servant or slave.

Finally you will become aware of the Lord and Master within and you will enter into close contact with.”

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