Victor Frankl was a doctor in three concentration camps with the Nazis. He saw that even in those adverse conditions, Jews who had a purpose to their lives were able to survive.

Such is the power of leading a purposeful life.

Current research shows that those who find a purpose to their lives and live with that purpose, magically get the following benefits

  • Their bodies produce greater antibodies and antioxidants
  • Lower incidence of heart conditions
  • Blood pressure becomes normal
  • Much lower risk of stroke
  • Much lower risk of Alzheimers
  • They attract more wealth
  • They attract better friends and partners

In fact research in positive psychology indicates that finding a purpose in life is like having a magic pill.

In the next few posts I will explore how we find a purpose and maybe help all those who read to do so.

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photo credit meineresterampeΒ fromΒ Pixabay

29 thoughts on “LIFE’S PURPOSE

    • You’re absolutely right and most of us do not actually get to discovering at all. although our primary spiritual purpose is given in all divine revealed scriptures, but that may not resonate with everyone. Because at any stage of life we need to do things which are essential for us. I’m sure you are very well guided from inside and will have the best life in the world. Blessings always.

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      • Thank you kindly πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚. Humans, if one wants to find the depth, have a capacity to do anything and everything. This is itself is intriguing.


  1. For me it’s clear that the purpose in life is very eseentiel, but I didn’t now about the various consequences, positive or negative. Many thanks This morning I have read a very good sentence in “East of Eden”
    The Americans look down on servants and above all Chinese servants and Lee explains to Samuel why he is content to be one.
    β€œ I don’t know where being a servant came into disrepute. It is the refuge of a philosopher, the food of the lazy, and properly carried out, it is the position of power, even love.” (Page 166.)

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  2. This is so true, the way we support our bodies, simply helps us make the most of who are, but when the unatural things get in the way to how well the body supports itself..

    This changes how we feel about purpose..

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