A very helpful way to discovering life’s purpose is what positive psychologists refer to as the Tombstone Test( courtesy Vic Strecher, Univ of Michigan, USA).

If I were to ask myself what I would like to be written on my Tombstone after I die, a very different perspective dawns on me. Would it be, like Prof Vic says

“I am now the richest dead person in the graveyard.”

or will it be something higher than that.

Research suggests that the more loving and higher our driving purpose in life, the stronger our immune system becomes. This is a very profound discovery.

Perhaps in the time of the epidemic, we may need to rediscover purposeful living and come back refreshed, stronger from inside to defeat the virus.

More about it next week.

14 thoughts on “LIFE’S PURPOSE: TWO

  1. I certainly agree that life’s purpose is very important, but for the immune system sun, healthy food, omega-3 and a healthy natural environment! Thank you very much for your post:)


  2. This made me pause for a moment. I don’t know what words besides my name and birth date would I want to be engraved on my tombstone. I quit my job because it was drowning me, I shifted to a simpler life with less worries. Maybe, “she lived happy” is what I want to be written underneath my name.


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