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Many years ago, my wife had a dream

There is a light. Very bright. A voice speaks through it. Says that a great teacher is coming. Do not let this opportunity pass.”

We were supposed to go for a holiday. Just a few months into our marriage. We cancelled it. In a few days a guest arrived. A friend’s uncle. All of seventy. He stayed with us for almost ten days. He didn’t wear any ‘spiritual uniform’. He was kind, loving and deeply grounded.

Those ten days were life transforming. From this gentle encyclopaedia of knowledge and wisdom, we learnt of deep spiritual and life truths. Divinity, which was to transform not only our lives but those of many others over the years.

During that time the roses did not wilt, lots of birds would mysteriously visit us. People around us would heal.

One of my acquaintance’s wife insisted on meeting him. She took his hand forcibly and placed it on her head and then on her son’s head. After a few months the friend came to me, wanting the ‘great saint’s’ address. He told me that his wife had been terminal with brain cancer and his son had a learning disability when they visited. Surprisingly, after that meeting the wife healed and so did the son.

I called up this great man to tell him. He replied

When the inner omniscience is awakened, its radiance can be felt far away. People transform spontaneously, unbeknownst to us. Because the one who does is the omnipotence within; that expresses through us.

I remember some of what he had said

The greatest deed is to guide someone’s soul, while the darkest one is to misguide others’ spirits. So be kind to disseminate spiritual knowledge as well as to help awaken people’s spirits within.”

Over this period, I will take this opportunity to slowly share his wisdom and higher knowledge in this blog.

May all of you prosper.

9 thoughts on “WHEN I MET THE TRUE GURU

  1. Divine Greetings to all seekers of truth…have walked a similar path as Parneetji and was fortunate enough to have very close contact with this spiritual fountain for many years. Spiritual wisdom from all known scriptures equally supported by scientific knowledge and years of personal experiences imparted freely with fatherly concern to all who sought…Yes
    I am witness to all these wonderful happening…Enriched by the fortunate twist in my journey forever grateful….Be Blessed and awaken to a New Dawn of Spiritual Truth far from the meaningless crowds…..enjoy.

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  2. Sir,
    Why it so happens in a dream that when our questions are on the verge of being answered clearly, we are awakend by ringing bell/ someone calling us/ or some such thing.
    It remains incomplete?

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    • Not always. It may happen sometimes. We can do two things in such a situation
      Firstly we can pray for another dream which will complete the answer.
      Secondly, it may be meant that the event to happen depends on our choice. We can then decide upon the choice. Also we may be meant to find the answer from someone.
      If you write to me your detailed dream, I can give a better answer.

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