Dr. Deepinder Chhina
President Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists(NW)

Heroism is not about being at the top. It is not about hitting a six over the stadium.

Heroism is in the soul, very inconspicuous. It is an inner calling to serve others at whatever cost. It is a freedom which lies at the very core of human nature, a oneness with the Divinity, which makes us rise far above our physical selves. Only when the soul touches the infinite creation that arise acts of bravery andΒ heroism.

One of the best Microbiologists in the country, Dr Deepinder Chhina is head of Microbiology at the prestigious Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana.

As president of the Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists(NW) she hasn’t sat in her air conditioned office to write policy scripts during COVID 19. Rather, she has led the charge from the very front. She prepared the high tech and most sterile testing lab at DMC, winning high praise and making it a testing facility equivalent to the very best international standards.

Her day begins at 0700 hours when she sterilises herself, dons the mask and the PPE clothes. Enters her lab with just a very handful of people in her team. Mostly getting only minutes for a meal.

Dr. Deepinder is in this attire for more than 10 hours everyday

Testing, making SOPs, helping the hospital in infections control, being at the forefront in isolation. Where most dread to go, she treads with a kind heart.

Patients of Covid need empathy and care. Singular isolation is a punishment which can increase their risk of mortality,” She says.

It is this going beyond the call of her duty which has enabled her to save countless lives, to prevent the spread of this infection where it might have been fatal to many.

Her typical day ends at 02 A.M, almost 19 hours everyday. At the forefront of the war.

The Global Standard facility which she has set up

Yet, she is unfazed in her service. Constant, unflinching, kind.

It is not just the people who partake of her goodness, her team is well taken care of. She stands up for them, asking about their families, their well being. Caring for their safety, when it seems that the world may have forgotten their existence.

For more than two months, she has led the charge, when all OPDs were closed and other doctors were told to avoid exposure.

While most of us are told to sit at home and watch Netflix, there is this one single Hero who touches the very souls of people in this troubled times. Giving hope where there doesn’t seem to be any.

There is an entire life for sleeping. Now is the time to be awake.”

This is her response when she challenges human endurance every day.

Perhaps we need to salute her and maybe post a message for her.

For a true hero of our times.

33 thoughts on “HERO OF OUR TIMES

  1. A wonderful post. This is the kind of message we need in these times. I have always seen extraordinary valor in those who rise from the crowd with selfless devotion to those who cannot help themselves. In them lies the true path of our humanity.

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  2. What impresses me the most about the good doctor is not only her dedication to the task of caring for people’s physical well being but her devotion to their spiritual health. We can all be good doctors in this latter regard πŸ™‚

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  3. Yes, I am happy to read this post and pray to God that heroes like this can be protected as they selflessly serve others. Thank you for sharing. It is so easy to get discouraged by all the people who are NOT like this (especially in my own country of USA), so I am blessed to have read this post. We must keep hope alive because of the selfless servers and also continue to do our own part. Great post. Thank you. Jane


    • Thank you so much Jane. There are people everywhere and then there are those who make a difference. Thank you so much for your touching words. I will convey to her. Stay safe always


  4. Dr Deep is an example of true heroism, working selflessly in this hard times of pandemic and towards community,wish her all the best,

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