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Having researched Dream Interpretation for 28 years and after interpreting a few thousand of them, I think it may well be time to disseminate that knowledge.

In this series, which may well continue for over a year, I will highlight important maxims of dream interpretation in each post. I will also help to interpret an actual dream. Lots of people keep sending their dreams to me for interpretation (without names , of course).

Because, the key to mastering dream interpretation is to practice, practice and practice.

So here goes, the first lecture

  1. Dreams emanate from our subsconscious mind.
  2. Some are ‘hotchpotch’ i.e without a meaning. They do, however serve an important purpose. They exercise the mind. Because, like our body, the mind too needs exercise.
  3. Others dreams are very important. They are the language of our sixth sense. But mostly they are in symbols. Hence what is seen is not what the dream means at all.


Morning dream of a lady: I met a holy man. Took his blessings. He is going somewhere and there is a procession with him. When I look, someone in the procession seems to have stolen my shoes. I can’t go. I feel good with the blessings, but bad without shoes.

This is a repeated dream. On some occasions the dreamer manages to find her shoes, on other she can’t.

I discussed various symbols, the spiritual background etc with the dreamer.

After discussions here is the background of the dreamer and the interpretation of her dream

The dreamer is on a spiritual quest. Constantly, looking for holy people who could guide her to self realisation. In fact, one of the persons, from whom she gets blessings in the dream has in his wisdom(in real life) prescribed a time gap of only 20 min very early in the morning when one should meditate for best benefits. Inspite of her best efforts, the dreamer cannot get up within this time gap.

The dream tells the dreamer that her habit of seeking holy people is not going to do her good. She may get some temporary solace through blessings etc, must she will lose her shoes. This implies, she will not be able to tread the spiritual path like this. She will have to find the meaning and spirituality inside her. Not in processions of so called ‘masters’. Her path of seeking such ‘masters’ is not leading her to self realisation.

It is a wonderful dream and seeks to help the dreamer find the right path within herself.


  1. Thanks sir je for this first lesson of dream interpretation. Interpretation of this particular dream in itself is a big lesson that we need to work hard in order to achieve something. Master can bless us can show us the right path but we have to walk ourselves to reach at the destination.
    Warm regards

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