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Today one of the bloggers asks for interpretation of the following dreams

“1. I often see dead people in my dreams, particularly my dead Uncle and Aunt (My Father’s brother and wife).They keep asking for food. My Aunt wants me to go along with her, says, ‘oh!here you are…I was waiting for you’.

2. Once I saw a colleague’s grandma who wanted me to tell her grand daughter that she’s always around,her guardian angel.When I told her about the dream,she said that she’s actually going through a tough phase n really misses her grandma a lot! The message she says has given her a new life!

3. Once someone came in the dream n asked to convey to a colleague that she should bring white cover for the scriptures for the prayer room as promised.And there was her friend ,I remembered her name too.When I narrated this to my friend she said it’s true,she had actually thought about it but it had somehow slipped from her mind.Her friend whom I met in my dream actually existed!

Does this all mean anything or it’s just a figment of my imagination?


Once again, before interpreting one needs to discuss various issues with the dreamer, like

  1. Meaning to the dreamer of various symbols. What the person feels about the various people in the dream?
  2. How was the feeling in the dream and immediately upon waking? Happy? scared? good? bad ? etc

Regarding the dream about the dead Uncle and Aunt. Please know that dreams actually place you fairly safely into a kind of cosmic space. Here, you can receive messages even from the end of the universe or realms so to say. In fact messages in dreams are far safer than channeling or mediumship.

Now for the interpretation. The message from Aunt and Uncle is both from them as well as from the dreamer’s own subconscious mind. The couple has not been able to move to the spirit plane after death. Their wanting food from him indicates clearly their state of being at the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has felt their presence in their native place or in the dreamer’s home. They are desperately in need of help for moving on. The part where she says that she would want him to go along with her is very material. She wants to hang to his aura, because the dreamer appears to have a strong aura. He may be a kind, spiritual person. However, beware she may well at some stage attempt to possess him. Or even want him to die. He is not to go along if she ever asks. The subconscious mind indicates that urgently, a strong prayer is needed to help the couple to move on. The dreamer can discuss various options with me.


The other two dreams don’t need much interpretation. They were simply messages from beyond. Where the people who have passed on want to reassure their loved ones about their own well being. Also about the fact that the dead souls are happy and look after their loved ones. Both these souls have moved on into good realms as is evident from the messages and the nature of dreams. The subconscious mind also reveals its magnificence. It can access communication from much beyond. It is indeed infinite.

Blessings to all.


  1. Thanks respected sir je for the wonderful interpretation of dreams about dead relatives. such dreams as you told us caution us and we must take them seriously.
    Sir some time back I had a dream that my grandfather (who devoted his whole life to gurbani) sitting in white clothes in a ground under a tree seem v calm and I offered him a thali of food.would u please tell me what this indicates
    Warm regards


    • This is a very good dream ji. Your grandfather in white clothes, calm, under a tree shows that he’s spiritually very good and in a very nice place. You, offering food to him is a very good sign. of spirituality and of good fortune. His blessings to you. It is like offering food to Guru Nanak. In return Nanak blesses you ji. This is a very good dream. In the other dream, the dead lady was in doldrums. She was hungry, asking for food. Your dream is very different. God bless

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