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One of the bloggers had this dream

I have a house with a garden. Little chickens are running around. I look at a chicken. Then there is a cooking pot in the garden and as I look, one of the chickens is in that pot. Cooked. That cooked chicken turns into a snake and starts to crawl towards the main house. I’m not worried because we have an Alsation dog, who I know will protect the house. As the snake goes near the door, the dog tries its very best but can’t hold on. The snake is now almost on the verge of entering the main door. I scream. Then I see the garden. There is corn growing in the garden. That gives me peace. I wake up. Scared.

Our subconscious mind often gives us dreams about health and foods. The infinity within knows what is good for our body at a particular time.

Here, the house is the dreamer’s body. In real life she likes eating chicken a lot. The dream indicates that chicken she eats is not healthy for her. It turns into a snake. She is afraid of snakes. The big dog (in real life also she has an Alsation who is a very good guard dog) represents the immune system, the defenses of the body which prevent the toxins from entering. The body defenses are not able to prevent these toxins from entering inside.

This is a warning dream indicating that she must stop eating chicken as it is harming her body. Toxins are beginning to trouble her and if she doesn’t stop, these chemicals may go deep inside the body and cause disease. There is also advice. She should eat corn for sometime to offset the ill effects.

The dreamer agreed that she had been experiencing some stomach troubles and mild asthma lately. She loved chicken, but left it. Although she didn’t eat much corn, however, after about a month, her symptoms disappeared.

Another dream

A blogger in Australia had the same dream on five consecutive days. That he is lying on the ground and three white men are beating him. He doesn’t know where he is or who the men are. Not even any circumstance. He gets up scared.

Scary dreams or nightmares are sometimes even more important than other ones. They highlight an area of life which needs immediate attention. After discussions with the dreamer it was clear that he was allergic to white sugar, white flour and milk. He has severe IBS and allergic symptoms. He has been asked to find alternatives.

Happy dreaming


  1. hey need help too…yesterday had a dream that everyone is leaving me and I am crying and requesting me not to leave……..Though scary but forgot as the day passed.
    Guru bless.


    • Please write the detailed dream ji. How are they leaving? Who all are leaving? How? children? Elders? What do you do in life? Are you in a joint family?
      The dream can be properly interpreted in the context. I’ll be happy to help. Waheguru’s blessings ji


      • ya had an argument with my elder son who is 23 and always had issues with me for being extremely strict as he was a stubborn child. mom, dad, husband and children are leaving inspite of repeated requests. My terms are good with my family members bt i think no day is passed without arguing with him which usually spoils the environment.Yes in joint family & teacher by profession. Guru bless


      • Sat SriAkaal ji
        Since the dream is scary and there is a background, the interpretation is like this. This dream is very symbolic and the subconscious mind is trying to tell you something important. Dreams always exaggerate issues so that the dreamer notices and listens.
        The dream is telling you that you need to listen to and understand his point of view and not just his, other’s points of view as well. It is only then that he may be counselled. He’s young, but you need to be more mature and immediately stop arguments. Just listen open mindedly to him. Otherwise he will become emotionally alienated. Even others may. Therefore, please try to listen to him and your family a bit more, even if you don’t agree with them. This will retain the strong bonds of love for all times.
        This is a lesson that all of us as parents, husbands, wives learn at some stage. Because, even if I am right, the other person may not be able to see it. If I give unconditional support and a very patient ear, the young person listens ultimately. Please never forget that your son will love you eternally.
        Waheguru bless always


      • Thanks dear…highly relaxed to hear your words of wisdom. Though i have no belief in dream theory but found your advice too soothing and wise. Infact reading your article somehow gave me confidence to communicate. Stay blessed and keep enlightening❤☺

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  2. Wow, this is so interesting described. I mean I have heard people saying, chicken is bad and it is good to go vegan as the chicken is injected with chemicals, but never did I stumble upon someone who described it this way and actually gave two messages with one story. First chicken should be avoided and second pay to your dreams. Most of my day is spent thinking about food and making conscious decisions. It is so important to pay attention to food.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day.

    Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There are some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. Do follow if you like it. Stay connected. 🙂

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  3. It was the first time I came across your blog and I really loved reading them. 😊
    I was always very curious about dreams and have always tried to read and analyse Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams.
    Here, I would like to share that I get dreams of food that which dissappears as vapour, when I am just about to eat them.
    Hope you will soon find this message and reply to me. Happy Blogging💐


    • Thank you for your kind comments. You might like to write a detailed dream to me. What food is it? Where was it? Do you like it in real life? Any other details like who served? These dreams appear to be important because they repeat. The subconscious is trying to send a message over and over again. Lets read the entire dream and we’ll interpret. Thanks a lot

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  4. Yes. I saw this dream twice set at home and at a restaurant.
    It happend two years ago, and the two dreams occured within a gap of few days. The first time it was pastry/cake with ice cream and the second time a full grilled chicken. Yes I like both of them. I like almost all food.
    I could not recollect if there was any other person along with me.. Or serving me!!! I was staying in hostel during those days. So I thought it might be my fascination for having something delicious apart from hostel food. But never did I understand, why they disappeared right in front of me.
    Your post made me recollect this old dream of mine😀


    • These dreams were only a reflection of your feelings. You weren’t happy with hostel foods and felt that you might have to endure it for more time. Foods evaporating only indicates your disappointment. These aren’t very serious dreams and do not show any allergies to foods or anything like that. Enjoy your life and blessings

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