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I don’t believe in ghosts or paranormal activity, but one time I think I saw- I might have seen- no, I think I did see a ghost.

Jason Blum

Unless there is a psychological illness, a brain pathology or food , mostly Sleep Paralysis is a result of an attack by an unredeemed spirit or what we call a ghost. If left unimpeded, these can lead to spirit possession or even suicide.

Truth is that majority of it is caused by paranormal activity. It may begin suddenly and carry on for years or may start when someone goes to a hotel or a new house.

It is important to cure the condition.

Rene went home to Sydney to her grandparents. Every night, in her sleep she would feel a scary weight on her. She couldn’t move. She would be screaming for help inside her head but the voice won’t be audible. One day, her granny was sleeping right next to her, but Rene couldn’t even move her hand to wake her up.

The attacks would last for a few minutes each time. But she would be scared and could not sleep after that.

That is when she called me. I took her history and other relevant details. Gave her a cure and within a day the attacks disappeared. In seven days all was well.

I also taught her so it would never occur again, anywhere.

For those who suffer, the cure is simple.

Take bottle of water. Sit next to it and recite either the Mool Mantra (search this blog please), the Gayatri Mantra or “Praise Divine, Grace Sublime” for 20 minutes in deep relaxation. Before going to sleep, please place a small amount of this water in 4 cups on all four sides of your room or bed. The attack will not occur. Next morning, please throw the water of cups in a potted plant.

Make fresh water everyday and use it.

However, that doesn’t cure it yet. Now, every day for 30 minutes during the day and for 10 minutes at night please sit comfortably and recite any of the above mantras. Some may have to do that for up to a month. (Even while doing this recitation you may energise the water as written above so that you don’t have to do extra recitations)

The attacks will not occur. Those who do the Vibrant Celestial Meditation, may also do so daily.

Many have been cured .

All the very best.


      • Hmmm because I have it in my family since last three generations. None of them did what u said above but were not bothered much, though the attacks were violent. And I have come up two more cures which are psychology based. I am relieved.
        Ya but would like to ask you one question, that do you have hallucinations too, in your aforesaid type of sleep paralysis as I have visual and sometimes only audible hallucinations. But all this is cured from the above said psychological methods.

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      • I got cured years ago when I deciphered what it was. I never had hallucinations. Since you’ve been cured with psychological methods, the cause may have been genetic. People have such predispositions as in many forms of neuroses and psychoses. I would humbly suggest that if you’re aren’t already doing, please add around 20 min a day of some powerful mantra recitations to your psychological methods. e.g the Gayatri Mantra, the Mool Mantra or something. Since I research into mind science, I know there are many studies which show that such a recitation acts as a catalyst in the healing process.
        All the very best

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  1. Thanks sir for this wonderful information.
    Here I also admit such things exists
    Once it happened with me.i was only in 10th standard.i never forgot nani passed away .after few days while I was sleeping I felt she entered in room .there were many in room but she came to me.she lied down fully on me but I didn’t scared and she left me after a minute or so and left.
    I never shared this anyone.
    I was lucky it never happened again.

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  2. I don’t know what it would be called but many years back I turned towards my daughter while sleeping I happen to open my eyes and i saw some one standing near my daughters bedside and kept staring her, I stood up kept blinking my eyse to confirm if it’s real and it stayed fir sometime I even asked my husband to switch on the lights yet I kept seeing this person for few more seconds. In my head I was sure that i am imagining this… But it’s really strange and i couldn’t find the answer, this happened twice…. Now she is a grown up Lady. This is the strangest thing happened to me.
    I still remember how he looked.

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    • If he looked ‘not nice’ he was very clearly paranormal. An unredeemed spirit. It was in all probability that because good ones appear very different and they don’t stare. You were lucky that he went away
      He was probably in that house. Living there.
      God has been kind to you. Sometimes these entities manifest. But never ever talk to them. Thats the rule.


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