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The last in my series on Life’s Purpose. Let me first share some results of latest studies

Compared since 1970s, increasing number of university students now profess their purpose to be only to earn money. Earlier many would speak of a higher purpose. Income levels have gone up substantially since then. students have got what they wished for.

But sadly happiness levels have gone down and depression plus suicide have gone up many times.

Adults with abusive childhoods overcome almost all neuroses when they are helped to focus on a higher purpose. Their traumas and diseases disappear.

Older people with less purpose are 2.4 times more likely to get Alzheimers than people living with a purpose.

People with a purposeful existence show far greater antibody production. Telemores on their DNA repair better, making them less susceptible to even cancers. They age slowly.

Many other studies indicate that having a higher self transcending purpose in life improves relations, makes people richer and transforms societies. Companies in USA which worked to a more noble purpose gave 100% higher returns compared to top 500 companies over a 15 year period.

Just to let you know, the sooner we sit back and try to work towards a better self transcending purpose, the richer, more successful and happier will we be. Sure, purposes will change with time. We’ll let them.

May all our lives be purposeful.

23 thoughts on “LIFE’S PURPOSE-FINAL

  1. So true! Well said !
    As you say the goals youngsters set for themselves are more materialistic than ever before. Its a great challenge to motivate them to understand another.
    I think its not just youngsters but all of us need constant reminders to live purposeful and fruitful lives!

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