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Xenoglossy is known as the ability to speak a language with no history of ever having learnt it.

In our religious literature, “speaking in tongues”, especially in Pentecostal and Charismatic movements; it is regarded as evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit. The word itself is derived from Greek xenos, stranger or foreigner, plus glossa, language; also known as xenoglossia.

I met a mystic during my travels and he revealed to me that in almost all spiritual literature of varied cultures ‘speaking in tongues ‘ is recorded. In a deep meditative state, he could do it.

I also happened to witness it during trance states of people. The mystic told me that such paranormal trance states are not ‘awakening’. They are just trance states.

In Australia, many years ago, I witnessed a person who could enter into such a state and have complete conversations in languages which he had never learnt. I have seen mediums do it. Invoking spirits of dead people. A person in Benaras, India suddenly started to speak in fluent Spanish, then Russian when in self induced trance.

Parapsychology also recognises this phenomenon and researches into it.

My experience and reading of many scriptures has led me to the following observations

If you witness it “on demand” from someone and in public. Please know that it is either a psychological issue or a spirit issue.

Where it is spiritual, it cannot be in full public view. Plus, in spiritual practices, the ‘speaking in tongues’ is not a complete conversation in a foreign language. It happens as few almost unintelligible words.

A number of ‘pseudo sadhus’ do it to attract followers and other people. These are invariably cases of the dark art and should be avoided.

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  1. Interesting post! I’ve seen people speaking in tongues before at a church I went to when I was trying to learn more about Christianity. It actually frightened me. It seemed demonic and I’m not even sure I believe in demons but it was strange.


      • Let me give some simple rules
        1. The Divine is pure love and as such will never make a spectacle out her/his loved ones. Therefore, anything which is happening in full public view, even in a religious place is in principle very suspect.
        2. If the language is very clear, more like speaking paragraphs, it is very suspect.
        3. If the same experience repeats over and over, it is not correct
        4. If the person is more in a trance like state, it is definitely incorrect
        All the above are either ‘faking’ or can be symptoms of spirit possession. Lower forces.

        The true experience is personal. Profound and short. It will never be a trance.
        I hope that helps๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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      • Ah thank you so much for explaining ๐Ÿ™‚ so the people in the church that I saw were speaking in tongues publicly so might have been either faking their experience, getting carried away with excitement or possibly channeling something evil.


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