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Many people get dreams which bring forth symbolically, one or more of their past lives. The objective is mostly to help us to understand some relationship better or to enable us to rectify some errors. Even to understand and value someone special.

The dreamer is 40. Her name is Dana.

She sees that there is a man. He’s very rich. It is England. Somewhere in the mid twentieth century. People are wearing clothes from that time. The cars are also that vintage. He’s very focussed on his business and has built a very large car dealership. The sign board says XXXXXX. He’s very cordial with his clients. Now he’s at home. a large estate. It is late. He quarrels with his wife. She’s very gentle. It is winter. She is leaving along with her two year old baby girl. He should stop her. He doesn’t. The scene changes. He is still young, but very sick. He’s crying loudly. He says , “Don’t do that Dana.”

(I have not divulged the business name and have changed the city etc to protect the dreamer’s privacy)

She wakes up, all sweating and very scared.


I stress as I have always that the dreamer is the most important part of the interpretation. The aspects of the dream must be discussed with her.

Secondly, this is a scary dream, a nightmare. These are even more important than other dreams because they convey something very critical to the dreamer.

Dana, the dreamer is forty. She and her husband do not get along, primarily because of her work commitments. He’s a good man otherwise.

In this dream, the business man is ‘her’ in her past life. She was a man. then. The symbols are very telling. The cars, the clothes, the city etc. Clearly bringing out the time and place. Symbols are not meaningless. They always convey something. Further, mostly the main character in the dream is you, because majority of the dreams are about you. That character symbolises an aspect of you. In her past life, Dana had been so much taken in by her business that she left a wonderful companion. To her detriment and extreme loneliness. The dream asks her not to make the same mistake in this life. She should cherish her loved ones. Also that our gender can also change over lives.

Incidentally, from the business name in the sign board and other details, the dreamer was able to trace the dealership. Now even bigger. She did find about the man she saw as the founder and owner and that he died young from disease.

Happy dreaming and interpreting.

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  2. Interesting !
    I always like the dream interpretation, some of my dreams I still remember it.

    Is it possible to remember your dream that have seen so many years ago ??


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