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A senior citizen blogger had been a University Professor in an Ivy league University. He has had the following dreams (These are very common)

The dreamer is going somewhere. He wants to help someone, a friend or someone even closer. Then he himself loses his way. Finds that his car is missing.

The dreamer is sitting in an exam. He cannot read the paper due to bad light.

Dreamer is in a gathering. Her purse is lost.

Each time, the dreamer wakes up from the dream, feeling sad, hopeless and even with heaviness in the head.

All these dreams have a similar theme. They must be interpreted keeping in view the background and the present condition of the dreamer. I found out that the dreams began around a year ago when the person retired and children moved away, having grown up.

  1. The first dream is a spiritual lesson about helping others, even our loved ones. He was trying to help his close people, including children by counselling them. He also prayed a lot for them. The fact that he himself gets lost and gets up feeling helpless and sad indicates that he isn’t able to do much in terms of help. He feels helpless. This is a warning dream telling the dreamer that if he continues like this , he may lose his own maturity. When we help, even our close ones, we must detach from the situation. Not lack of love, rather extreme faith in the divinity. We pray, help and let go of the result. That brings out perfection in the person’s life.
  2. The second issue is about the dreamer losing his own purpose in life. He is lost, his car is gone. He can’t read the exam paper. All symbols point out to this. Being lost in this context is losing purpose. Not knowing where you are in life and not being able to find a path to follow. Exams are small tests and situations of life. The dreamer can’t understand these situations. The light inside the dreamer is dim. Can’t read.
  3. Losing purse also implies some financial insecurity.

At this stage of life, the dreamer can’t find Life’s Purpose anymore. He is getting lost as his dreams indicate. He is also not being able to take charge of life’s situations. He is being warned that this may also lead to financial loss as things are getting our of control.

Dreams are always exaggerations because the subconscious mind is trying to get attention of the person. To act. Such dramatic stuff scares the dreamer. He can’t forget the dreams. In this case, he sought help in interpretation and understood the meaning. The messages are

Take charge

Help, but with some detachment and greater faith

Find a self transcending purpose in life. This will bring things, incuding finances back on track.

See how amazing are the messages of the omnipotence inside.

Happy dreaming


      • The info given is really sketchy. However, from the given information it seems that your Father needs help. he hasn’t yet been able to reach his destination that he desires. Please do some prayers for him. Not the outsourced ones. They don’t have much value. Yourself. You and your family. If you do think that this interpretation is ok. Please do tell me and I’ll tell you what to do. Its really very simple. Pray at home.
        In case you do see him again and he seems very bright etc then tell me. In that case going with him has a very different meaning.

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  1. Sir ji
    We want to grab more and more knowledge.some dreams I took for long times in past don’t go away from my memory.
    If ur time allows u may interpret some time for the understanding of all
    1.. giving examination paper in hall.. answers r available..but couldn’t complete paper..take paper home.. whole night writing but couldn’t complete it.
    2.walking on loose earth…many many coins comes in my way I keep collecting to the extent I fed up collecting.
    3. Sir ji
    my mom died from cancer..was on death bed..missed me too much..but I was busy submitting PhD.. couldn’t much attend her.. circumstances became such that reached when she had died…I remained guilty..she didn’t even come to my dreams..I apologise from her soul too in my prayers. So one day after a year I had this dream:
    I m taking her to hospital..left her there for tests… some how could not come on time to pick’s evening..I come one in hospital..labs closed..I m hunting for her.. thinking she doesn’t even has phone..I could have call her…then I suddenly notice she is sitting there on bench in hospital park head covered with chunni.. doing path…I rushed crying put arms in her neck .. apologise..she said calmly..never mind ..I m fine.. doing my path.

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  2. Very thought provoking analysis. But sir, i have one question How to detach oneself ? Sometimes , ispite of our best efforts we are not able to do it as we think that we are genuinely trying to help them and wanted to save them from some sorrow or loss. Plz tell how to help without being involved too much.


    • Babita ji, hundred percent detachment may not be possible at all times. It depends upon the situation. Detachment is not lack of love or letting the loved one fend for herself. rather, it is only the acceptance of results, inspite of our best efforts.
      detachment is actually a far higher form of love.
      It comes as we do more and more of our meditations and begin to see the Divine plan in our lives.
      With my Mother, I prayed as much as i could, but stopped asking for her to be healed NOW. I kept on praying for her, took care of her, but accepted her non improvement since I had no control over the results of my prayer.
      Then the real miracles happen.
      Non resistant prayer, it is.
      God bless


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