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Here are some more very common dreams

The dreamer is sitting in an exam. She tries to finish the exam, but can’t. It is just too long. She even takes it home. She can’t finish. She wakes up scared.

Such dreams indicate that there is a situation in the life of the dreamer which she finds overwhelming. Not able to comprehend and deal with. Or there are too many things happening in life. She is overwhelmed. Can’t cope.

These are all warning dreams and they tell the dreamer to organise herself better. Not to feel overwhelmed, but to structure the problem and attack it. Things can be handled. If she can’t then she must seek help of someone who can assist her in handling all these issues.

The dreamer is driving. But the she can’t apply brakes or can apply only partly. She wakes up scared.

Dreamer is runnung. But feet get heavy. Can’t run.

These dreams again indicate that there are issues which are getting out of hand. To focus , organise or even seek help. Things are not in her control. Mostly these are work issues, but can be anything. The dreamer will know what id out of hand. Not to let issues pile up.

Dreamer sees that he’s in bedroom or bathroom. Naked or partly naked and someone comes in.

Such dreams indicate that the dreamer is revealing too much about himself to some people. He must be discreet. For example if he’s in bedroom and a friend comes in. It implies that very personal matters are being discussed with such friends. He must not do so as such friends may not be able to keep a secret.

Similarly, if someone from work sees him in that situation, he needs to be careful of people at work. They must not know personal information about him.

I need to thank all friends for overwhelming me with dreams. I do try to interpret as much as I can.

Happy dreaming


  1. Oh the first one always comes a day before the exam. It is a relief when I know it is yet to happen 😃
    Oh and the brake thing too.

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  2. Thanks, sir, for sharing this. I wanted to know what dreams subconsciously want to tell us. I got answers for most of it. Btw, Recently I dreamt of writing exam and got a very good score. What does it mean?


    • Dreams come in symbols and are often related to the dreamer’s life. Therefore, the context has to be known.
      However, based on this little information I can tell you that this is an encouragement dream. Telling you of some circumstances in life for which you are well prepared. Some situations which you will pass through victorious. It is a very good dream.

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